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Yoga joins Unesco world heritage list

December 1, 2016, was a remarkable day for India and for Yogis all over the world, as Yoga, the mind-body discipline based on ancient Indian philosophy, has joined Unesco’s list of intangible world heritage.
The philosophy behind the ancient Indian practice of Yoga has influenced various aspects of how society in India functions, whether it be in relation to areas such as health and medicine or education and the arts. Based on unifying the mind with the body and soul to allow for greater mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing, the values of yoga form a major part of the community’s ethos.

Designed to help individuals build self-realisation, ease any suffering they may be experiencing and allow for a state of liberation, [yoga] is practised by the young and old without discriminating against gender, class or religion. – Unesco

India’s Union Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma was very excited and tweeted after the announcement:


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