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How to save 1,378 Dollar (Euro) a year

You’ve probably already heard about the 52 week money saving challenge. The concept is simple: you start with 1 Dollar (or Euro) in the first week, and then every week, you’ll keep adding an extra dollar. This means, you’ll save 1 Dollar (Euro) the 1st week, 18 Dollar (Euro) in week 18, then 36 Dollar (Euro) in calendar week 36 and so on.
Keep doing this until week 52 you will find yourself 1,378 Dollar (Euro) richer in a year.

The appeal of the plan is obvious. Of course, the catch is that the later weeks are far more challenging than the earlier ones. However, the idea is easing you into the idea of putting away more and more money the longer you do it.
To help you do it and commit to it, add a repeating reminder to your calendar for example on every 1st day of a month.

I’m planning to do the 52 week money saving challenge next year. Although I’m not (any more) into New Year’s resolutions, this plan seems to be doable and plausible. I’ve seen different versions floating around the internet, but I wanted to make my own which even includes checkboxes to mark every week as “done”.
You can download and print the chart here.

Just think: by this time of year, you’ll have an extra 1,378 Dollar (Euro), that you can use toward whatever your heart desires. Be it for your next trip, a Yoga retreat, your emergency fund, or a donation for a good cause – have fun saving!


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