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Asana of the month: Wild Thing – Camatkarasana

Wild Thing… you make my heart sing … you make everything groovy, wild thing ♪ ♫♪ ♫♫

Oh yes, Camatkarasana is exactly what I need this month.  This Asana allays fatigue and mild depression, energizes your body and mind, opens up your chest, lung, shoulders and, of course, the heart. It builds strength in shoulders and upper back. For me, a perfect Asana for the spring time, therefore I didn’t have to think twice when choosing an Asana for April.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for Wild Thing -Camatkarasana:

1. Come in your Downward Facing Dog. Start with your right leg, raise it up towards the sky and open your hips by stacking your right hip over your left.

2. Open up your hips even further by bending your right knee until you can bring your heel towards your buttocks. Stay here for a couple of breaths, still keeping the pressure in both hands on the ground.

3. Now bring your shoulders forward over your hands, like you would do in plank pose. Slowly start bringing the toes of your right foot down to the earth beside your mat. By doing this, you will automatically flip yourself over, take your right hand off the ground.

4. In this position your left foot is facing towards the back of your mat. The right knee is bent and you are standing on the ball of your right foot. Push down through both feet and your left hand equally as you lift your hips higher towards the sky. Your right hand is pointing forward or slightly down over your head.

5. Relax your neck, let your head hang behind you. Shoulders are drawn onto the back opening your heart even further. Stay here for a couple of breaths, expressing your power and freedom.

6. Coming out of this pose, flip yourself back over to Downward Facing Dog. If you need to, come into child pose before you start with the other side.


Picture: via Yoga Pose Weekly on Pinterest


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