• Happiness
  • Forever? Now!

    Only three nights sleep until the first day of Berlin’s Forever Now Festival is upon us and we will be celebrating transformation. Four days, Thursday – Sunday, packed with inspiration, joy and adventure. Connect to your own as well as our collective potential, through the array of skillful experts and inspiring artists participating. Together we […]

  • Yoga
  • Stop shaming. Start loving.

    Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook are a wonderful tools to express ourselves, create communities and share our opinion. But they also give people a forum for what is called “body shaming”. It goes from celebrities to social media stars to even pretty normal people. All the more, it is very bizarre to […]

  • Travel
  • Barcelona Yoga Conference 2014

    I’m so excited! In July, I’ll join the Yoga Conference in Barcelona. First of all, Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in Europe and secondly attending a Yoga Conference together with many Yogis from all over the world will be inspiring, motivating and great fun. The 4th Barcelona Yoga Conference, a space of inspiration […]

  • Happiness
  • The space between things

    Sometimes there are things in Yoga I don’t know what they are good for. As I’m a very analytical person, I need a reason for everything and  I am often questioning things. In one of the the Yoga classes a couple of weeks ago, the teacher mentioned to focus on the space between all things: […]