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Barcelona Yoga Conference 2014

I’m so excited! In July, I’ll join the Yoga Conference in Barcelona. First of all, Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in Europe and secondly attending a Yoga Conference together with many Yogis from all over the world will be inspiring, motivating and great fun.

The 4th Barcelona Yoga Conference, a space of inspiration and growth, will be held from 3rd to 7th July. The BYC describes itself as a Yogic Celebration open to all people, no matter which age, background or previous experience in yoga: “An uplifting open hearted gathering with world leading Yoga teachers and musical artists creating a platform for you to learn, experience, discover and transform.”

So far, I will only be able to attend one full day but that’s totally worth it: Every day is packed with Yoga, music and dance. More than 50 Yoga teachers will be teaching over 20 different styles, there will be daily live Kirtans and also some free activities for everyone to join.

The Omshanti Yoga team, the organizer of the BYC, has invited me to write for the offical BYC blog which I’m very happy to do. So stay tuned, there will be more to come soon!



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