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Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake

Many people have begged to get the recipe for the vegan chocolate cheesecake when I posted this picture on Instagram.

Sometimes, making vegan desserts and cakes is quite time consuming. This recipe, however, is super easy. You will only need few ingredients:

For the base:
125g (4.4 oz) ground almonds
120g (4.2 oz) dried apricots (you can also mix half dried apricots, half dried dates)
40g (1.4 oz) shredded coconut flakes
2 teaspoons vanilla powder
A little almond milk or similar (just in case)

For the topping:
200ml (2/3 cups) coconut oil
240g (8.5 oz) Cashew nuts
12 tablespoons maple syrup
1 – 2 teaspoons vanilla powder
Sea salt
100g (3.5 oz) raw cacao powder
Frozen fruits as you like

Mix the ingredients for the base, you might need to add some almond milk to make it sticky enough. Then, press the mixture into a springform pan lined with baking paper.

Melt the coconut oil and mix it together with the rest of the ingredients for the topping except the cacao powder until it’s smooth enough. Then, add the cacao powder. Stir it evenly on the base and put it in the freezer for 1 – 2 hours. After that, put it in the fridge and leave it there overnight. If you like, you can decorate the cake with frozen fruits or coconat flakes.
I’ve defrosted a handful of frozen raspberries, and mixed it together with little vanilla powder and agave syrup for the decoration.

The next day, you’ll have a super tasty, raw and vegan chocolate cheesecake!
Omnomnomnom :-)


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