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The Happy Project describes my journey to a happy life. Being happy is the number one answer when you ask people what they wish for their future. In 2013, I realized that I couldn’t say YES to the question “Are you happy?” and that something is missing in my life. I decided to quit my job and travelled the world for 4 month trying to discover the “ingredients” for a happy life.

During this trip around the world, I spent some time in Ubud, Bali and joined a yoga retreat. Besides yoga and meditation classes I was also lucky to experience a “Happiness Workshop” by Eiji Han Shimizu, producer of the “The Happy Movie“. The workshop and the movie gave me a lot of food for thoughts and I figured that I would have to make some effort to finding the way to a happy life. This was the inspiration for this blog, The Happy Project.

You are very welcome to join me on my journey.

Take care and be happy


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