Week two: Vegan for Fit Challenge

The second week of my challenge was different. In general, I had less motivation and power. It felt like my body was shutting down its energy level and functioning on low key. I even skipped Tuesday’s yoga class as I just wasn’t feeling right.
I guess it was due to the fact that I hadn’t eaten enough as I didn’t have time to prepare three full vegan meals each day.

2nd week vegan for fit

The vegan pizza and lasagne, however, turned out pretty well, however it takes really long to prepare everything, especially for the pizza.

Another thing, why I think that my body is not working on full speed: I am freezing. Big time. I have ice cold hands and feet all the time (more than usual) and I was even sitting in the office, wearing a big sweater with my thermal snowboard underwear and socks underneath. No joke! At the same time, people were running around in Shorts and Shirts as it was pretty nice outside last week.

Therefore, the résumé of week two isn’t really exhilarating. But perhaps it was a good preparation to what’s next: 4 – 5 days juice fasting.

I will write down my experience with my first juice cleansing in another blog post later this week. So far, I can say that the vegan diet was a good preparation for me. I can only imagine how hard it must be to start with a cleanse overnight. Today is day three of my fasting cure. I started with a fruit day on Friday and Saturday was the first juice only day. My plan is to go on for another one or two full days, depending on how I feel when I do both, working all day and fasting at the same time.

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