Week one: Vegan for Fit Challenge

The first week of my Vegan for Fit Challenge is already over and I feel really good. On the first two days my stomach was rumbling quite a bit. Not really the ideal conception when you sit in a small open space office but anyways.
I felt a bit hungry during meals but with a handful of nuts and dried fruit it was no problem. I can already say that I feel fitter and more awake (although I have troubles to fall asleep and have a light sleep) and generally I’m in a good mood.

As predicted, the main challenge of this challenge is the preparation of the food and how to fit the new diet in my daily life without too much of an effort. I have no idea how people manage to do it in a small town or little village. In Berlin I’m lucky to have a variety of organic grocery stores, vegan restaurants or little cafés serving vegan dishes, soups and more. I’m really dependent on these places during lunchtime as I have absolutely no time (nor am I in the mood) for preparing my lunch at home. However, most of the times I find myself at the salad bar of the food court of a big department store near my office. Not ideal but at least it’s vegan and in line with the challenge.

When I have time to cook (sometimes in the evening or on the weekend), then I really enjoy doing it. I also tried a raw dessert (I brought the recipe from a whole food workshop in Bali) for the first time and it was extremely delicious.

1st week Vegan for Fit

I’m really surprised by the reactions to this challenge. I was preparing myself for the usual comments like “Meat is my vegetable” or other dismissive remarks. But way off the mark: My friends, colleagues and even acquaintances on facebook or follower on twitter are very supportive. Some of them have done the challenge already themselves or are also trying to introduce vegan/vegetarian days to their diet. I’m really grateful for all the tips, links and recipes.

Another big Thank You goes out to team of the organic/raw food online shop Keimling.de. They’ve read about my challenge and to support it they sent me a big survival package with a great variety of nuts, dried fruits, creams and more.
With this, I’ll easily start into the second week of my challenge!

Keimling Care package

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