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Résumé: 30 days Vegan for Fit Challenge

Mission accomplished. Today is the last day of my “Vegan for Fit” challenge.
30 days without
– animal and dairy products
– refined sugar and artificial sweeteners
– white flour
– processed food
– alcohol

As I’ve already written after week one, week two and week three the main challenge was finding time to prepare fresh, vegan meals every day which hasn’t always worked out. Especially on a long work day, my diet consisted mainly of salad, nuts and berries which, I guess, wasn’t enough. Therefore, I cannot confirm the experience of many “challengers” who noticed more energy and power. I felt good (apart from freezing all the time) and was more conscious about food and my eating habits in general.  But that’s about it.
Nevertheless, I’m pretty proud that I finished the challenge. I have to admit, that I cheated last Sunday though… The weather was so nice, trees were blossoming and I was suffering from my pollen allergy. The weeks before, it was alright but last weekend I had to take my allergy medicine. As I read before, allergy medicine (antihistamine pills) isn’t vegan as it consists of lactoprotein. I don’t know how “real” vegans handle this but I had to make an exception.

Before the challenge I was already cooking vegan once in a while and I will definitively keep it that way. Maybe I’ll include vegan dishes more often now. But – as I was writing before I’ll not go completely vegan.

The challenge has sharpened my attitude towards food and especially the quality of food. I will continue reducing processed food, refined sugar and artificial sweeteners, white flour and dairy/animal products. 90 % healthy and vegan and 10 % eating what the soul and heart is asking for seems to be a very good formula.
So I guess this experiment turns out as a success anyway even if I’m not going completely vegan.

Oh, and by the way: I became a fan of raw desserts (vegan and of course without refined sugar, etc.). Last weekend I made “white chocolate” and a lemon/berry cake. Delicious!



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