My fasting period challenge: 30 Days Vegan For Fit (and more)

This year, I’m going to participate in lent. Yet, not out of religious reasons. I’ll use the fasting period for a challenge, I always wanted to do: The 30 days “Vegan for fit” challenge.
Over one year ago, I bought the book of German vegan superstar Attila Hildmann but so far, I used it more as a cookbook with delicious vegan recipes. Now it’s about time to accept the challenge. A challenge that includes more than just vegan eating.

Which means, 30 days without

– animal and dairy products
– refined sugar and artificial sweeteners
– white flour
– processed food
– alcohol

and 30 days with

a lot of yoga, exercise, wellness and meditation.

As I’ve already written, I don’t believe in drastic diets and I don’t think that a completely vegan diet is the right nutrition for me. But I believe that this challenge will help me to detox my body and guide me towards a healthy and balanced diet.

My plan is also to include a juice fast (which I never tried before) during the challenge, at least a few days.

Today is Day 1 of my 30 day challenge and I’ll write about the progress, so stay tuned!

About “Vegan for Fit”:

With his bestsellers “Vegan for Fun” and “Vegan for Fit”, Attila started a trend unprecedented in Europe. Never before had a vegan cookbook been Number 1 on bestseller lists, and it was also the bestselling book on Thousands of people have been motivated by his idea of a 30-Day Challenge. They have experienced how dramatically their physical and mental well-being have improved as a result of giving up animal products and integrating a balanced exercise plan into their lives. Attila Hildmann’s recipes are inspiring huge numbers of people who always wanted to do something for their health, but were never able to follow through. The aspiring physicist and fitness fan has revolutionized vegan cuisine with his message that a vegan diet is not only healthy, but also full of variety, creative, and delicious.

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