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Joyful June

The heat is on. At least in Germany, where last month has been the warmest and sunniest May in record and June just started of trying to breaking this record as well.
It is for sure that seasons affect our mood and emotional behavior and that certain emotions can be attached to each season.
Summer relates to the element of fire. Fire element is about passion, enthusiasm, vitality, warmth and after all JOY.
So here’s where the Joyful June Calender from Action for Happiness fits in perfectly. It’s a calendar that will help you appreciate the little things and get more joy in your life:
The calendar has daily suggested actions to do throughout June 2018 to help you experience more positive emotions and enjoyment in life.

Joyful June Calendar


Here are three examples of your daily “tasks” during the joyful month of June:

Do something today which you know will make you feel happier.
Sounds so simple, right? But honestly, we often forget to escape from our daily hustle and bustle and do something we really like. Perhaps this task will remind you to stop and do something – even something trivial – that will make you smile and a little happier.
If you like it, why not try to be happy 100 days in a row or try to have one exquisit moment a day?

Eat food that makes you feel good and really savor it.
The possibilities for amazing summer food are endless. Nevertheless, it’s not just about eating healthy, it’s about doing it with all your senses and all your attention to really savor it.
Why not preparing a healthy Mason Jar Salad for your next lunch break, for example?

Try to say something positive every time you walk into a room.
I really have to try this at work. I’m sure it will make a huge difference whether you walk into your colleagues office saying something like “have you heard about the latest problem with xyz” or if you start off with something nice like “It’s great to see you” or “You look very gorgeous in that dress”. 

Are you convinced in joining joyful June?

You can
download the JPG file HERE.
Download the PDF HERE.
Download the actions to your calendar using this  Google Calendar or  iCalendar


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